June AMBER 9.0 Installed



July The 30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference, Budapest, Hungary


August The 5th International Conference on Biological Physics (ICBP2004), Gothenburg, Sweden
June Graduated School Seminar (College of Agriculture, Osaka Prefectural Univ.) 
February Fred 1.2.10 Installed



September Extension Class (Tsu City College)
June AMBER 7.0 Installed
May Location moved to Mikage



July Educational Lecture (Tsu City College)
June Graduated School Seminar (Dept. Science & Engineering, Ritsumeikan Univ.) 
May 3D compound library established (ca. 360,000. Maybridge, SALOR, Asinex, etc.)
April Corina 2.6 Installed
February Gamess Installed
  AutoDock 3.0 Installed
  Dock 4.0 Installed
January LAN system established



October MacroModel 7.2 Installed
September SGI O2 (R5000) Installed
June 21 Free-comment form and hit counter
June 17 Reforming of the HP (thanks to Ms.Y.N. for helpful advise)
June 1-3 The 1st Annual Conference of Protein Science Society Japan
April 20 CAMM-Kansai Homepage Open!